pro tips for new drivers

7 Pro Tips for New Drivers in 2020

“Parallel parking” two words that struck fear into my heart, the moment I started driving. The saboteur that caused me to fail my driving test twice!  Well, now that I am a little older and I have a little more driving experience under my belt, let me share some of my tips with you so […]

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most confusing traffic rules nyc

9 Most Confusing Driving Rules Explained

Drive for an hour or two around your neighborhood, and you’ll quickly notice that plenty of drivers don’t understand basic road rules. It gets worse on the highway. That explains why there are accidents in many streets across the country every day.  While traffic laws differ from state to state, some cut across the board. […]

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online five hour class nyc

Online 5 Hour Class – Everything You Need To Know

The DMV approved online 5 hours class after the New York governor allowed it in late July this year. Initially, new New York drivers were required to take the 5-hour course in a classroom setting to learn safe driving principles and traffic rules before they get their driver’s license. This course has helped to reduce […]

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NY driver's license guide

The No BS Guide to Getting a New York Driver’s License

The first thing you should do to get your New York driver’s license is to apply for a Learner’s permit. To qualify for the learner’s permit application, you must be 16 years and above. If you’re under 18, your legal guardian should consent to your application. When preparing for your learner’s permit, you’re required to […]

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keep car coronavirus-free

How to Keep Your Car’s Interior Coronavirus-Free

During this pandemic, our cars are a bit like microbial prisons. Therefore, following the advice provided by experts and authorities is vital in a whole number of ways. Coronavirus can be found on the interior car surfaces, which may contain droplets from coughing, sneezing or exhaling. Whether a taxi or frequently shared personal car, disinfecting […]

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How to Effectively Use Turn Signals on the Road

Turn signals translate your car’s intention and action of turning. How often do you use turn signals before changing lanes on the road or making a turn? Drivers underestimate the power of turn signals forgetting they are vital in road safety.  Signaling your intentions on the road is an act that is required by the […]

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