What Time is the Best to Take a Road Test? 

November 18, 2022

Your road test is important to getting your driver’s license, and scheduling the test at the best time will improve your results.

Morning hours are the best for the test but only work for some. Check and ensure you book the test at that time of the day, so you feel more active and confident to handle the test.

NY DMV allows you to book the test between Monday and Friday, but they rarely offer it on Saturdays.

Stick on as we help you decide on the most appropriate time to take your test.

Best Time to Take a Road Test in NY

1. Between 7 and 9 am


Booking for a road test in the morning is a sensible choice, especially if you are a morning person. You feel fresh and more alert after waking up, and there are fewer chances of feeling anxious about the test. Your examiner is also refreshed for the new day.

For excellent results, it would be best to prepare your requirements the night before the test and ensure you wake up earlier and arrive at the test center on time. Additionally, taking the test in the morning will enable you to concentrate on another task without worrying about the test.

However, this timing can be hectic since it’s rush hour and people are going to work or school, and you will get fewer driving hours as you probably spend some time stuck in a traffic jam.

Since most examiners have more experience on the road, they can take you for the test on a less busy route for a more diverse experience.

2. Mid-Morning Hours

Taking the test between 9 and 11 am is a great choice since it’s out of the rush hour, and you are less likely to waste time in a traffic jam or the lunchtime rush.

Your examiner will have enough time to take you on most roads from the dual carriageways, narrow streets, and busy parking lots.

The best thing with this time is you will be alert, and you can wake up earlier and go through your driving course notes before getting to the road test location.

3. Afternoon Hours

best time for a road test


If you always feel active in the afternoon, this is the best time to take the test. Most people are busy in their offices during these hours, and there are fewer chances of traffic build-up.

Your examiner will use this chance to test most of your driving skills, including the challenging parallel parking.

Best Time of the Month to Schedule a Road Test


The month doesn’t matter; schedule the test whenever you are ready. However, if your test day falls in winter or during other adverse weather conditions, you can reschedule the test.

Always be ready to drive in weather conditions like rain and when a tornado comes since sometimes you can’t predict the weather.

Which Weekday is Best to Schedule Your Road Test?

It depends on your schedule since people have free time on different weekdays. With more practice, the day shouldn’t bother you.

Which is the Worst Time to Take Your Road Test?


First, it’s best to avoid rush hour since you will spend most of your test time stuck in traffic and show only some of your driving skills. The hours are mostly in the morning and late afternoon, when most people rush home.

Late afternoon can also get busy on school days since you must stop when school buses stop. You can only consider late afternoon tests during winter when the roads are less icy.

Avoid taking your test before and after a significant event since you can easily get carried away.

Some significant events come unexpectedly, and if you feel like they will affect your concentration during the test, it will be best if you reschedule your test.

It’s also good to avoid adverse weather conditions where possible. You can ask your experienced driving instructor about weather conditions or check your calendar.

Is Friday a Good Day to Take the Road Test?

Yes. If you’re available on Friday, then you can book the test. Some argue that you can easily pass the test since the examiner is overwhelmed with the week’s duties and won’t check every detail on the road test scoring sheet.

Can I Take My Road Test on Saturday?

In rare cases, the DMV gives road tests on Saturday, but you should communicate with them if it’s the only day you are available.

Final Thoughts                             

Regular practice builds your confidence on the road for a smooth road test time. However, it’s best to avoid rush hour, where you can spend most of your test hours stuck in traffic. 

The test time depends on when you feel active and ready to take the test. The best part is if something comes up and hinders you from taking your test, you can reschedule it. All the best as you decide when to take your road test.