10 Best Qualities to Look for in a Driving Instructors Near Me

June 13, 2020

Did you know that the choice of your driving instructor can determine how fast you learn to drive?. Then look for the best driving instructors near me.

So, whenever you’re searching for the best driving instructors near me, don’t forget to pay attention to what previous students have to say about the instructor.

Are the instructors punctual? Are they friendly and experienced?

Specifically, you want to know whether the instructors from your best driving school have the qualities that’ll help you transit from a nervous newbie driver to a confident pro behind the wheel.

Below is a list of 10 best qualities that an excellent instructor should possess:

1. Department of Motor Vehicle Stamp of Approval

Straight off the bat, you seek to ensure the legitimacy of your driving instructor. To avoid falling for phonies posing as qualified driving instructors, your go-to instructor must be a certified driving instructor by the Department of Motor Vehicle. The driving instructor should also be an employee of a licensed driving school.

How do you know whether your tutor is certified? Well, your driving instructor must carry the Driving School Instructor Certificate (MV-524). Anyone offering driving lessons without this certificate and not an employee of a certified driving school, is doing it illegally. Remember that you’ll be paying for substantial driving exposure, you should ensure that you’re getting the real deal.

Thus, when searching for the ‘best driving instructors near me’, be sure to first confirm their DMV certification.

2. Driving Trainer’s Experience

You need an instructor with excellent driving knowledge. Also, one who has already helped a lot of driving students earn licenses. It’ll prove that they possess the know-how of working with learners with a variety of needs.

Tutors who have excellent experience have a good deal of information about local examiners, test routes, and different climatic conditions. Nothing can beat a trainer with the inside scoop and up-to-date training.

3. Patience

As a learner driver, you’re most likely to get nervous on your first driving lesson. You’re unlikely to get everything (if anything) right at the onset of your driving exposure. An excellent driving instructor should understand that no two learners are the same. Different individuals have different understandings. It should motivate your instructor to monitor your progress individually and adopt a unique approach to teaching you.

Someone who’s always getting frustrated whenever you don’t master skills right will only knock your confidence and worsen the situation. An excellent instructor will allow you enough space and encourage you to learn and grow until you’re set for the test.

4. Friendly and Approachable

You precisely don’t need to be best buddies with your instructor, but it would help if you get along. That’s why it’s vital to have a trainer who’s friendly and approachable. It can be awkward being in a car with someone you can’t freely converse with. Thus, you need someone who can put you at ease.

the driving instructor should be friendly

Driving instructors have to be adept socially and outgoing since they have to work with a lot of different people. It’s, however, not a great sign if this isn’t the first impression you get of your instructor.

You’re not only looking for an excellent instructor to learn a valuable skill, thus, never trivialize the power of small talk.  To enjoy your lessons, you should be able to chat with your instructor in a relaxed manner, therefore easing your nerves.

5. Recommended by Other Learner Drivers

A better way to get the measure of an instructor is to confirm their rating from their previous learners, obviously together with your gut instincts and specific eligibility. We have embraced technology since it’s a fountain of all knowledge.

Your first search of the ‘best driving instructors near me’ should lead you to their Google reviews to get the lowdown of the driving school and its instructors. An excellent driving instructor exhibits a range of glowing reviews.  If you’d instead go to the best local driving school, you can ask around the area for recommendations.

6. Good Communication Skills

Ensure your instructor is an excellent communicator. It’ll significantly contribute to knowing what you’re doing and how well you’re doing it. The instructor, as said earlier in this article, should be experienced, but what’s the use of it if it can’t be explained in a way you can understand?

If your instructor can’t accurately and kindly expound on your progress, acknowledging your weaknesses and learning from your mistakes is impossible. Without being too harsh, your instructor needs to address occasions where the feedback is negative.

When the communication between you and your trainer is off, it can discourage you. Find an instructor who’ll walk the walk and talk the talk with learner drivers.

7. An Instructor Who Matches Your Preferred Learning Style

We’re all different! We should all learn how to drive at some point in our lives! But how exactly will you learn? What works for you when learning? What’s your preferred learning style? You may be a visual learner, a verbal learner, or someone who likes to learn by experience.

The reality is that everyone responds uniquely to specific teaching methods. That’s why you need to get an instructor who connects with your preferred style of learning.  Note that, in your selection for an instructor, you’re not only distinguishing the good and the bad. Instead, you’re looking for one who matches your satisfaction desires.

the best driving instructors should match your learning needs

At Pierre Paul Driving School, we integrate audio-visual methods in our teaching to improve the  understanding ability of our students.

An instructor who everyone is praising may not relate to you at all. Think of what effects your understanding and skills. Maybe a tough-love teacher gets the best out of you, or a softly approaching teacher is your all-time go-to.  To get a glimpse of how an instructor does the job, consider going through the terms of services and course assessments before signing up for a lesson.

8. A Driving Instructor You Can Rely On

Many driving schools have zero tolerance for students not attending scheduled classes or showing up late with no valid reason. It also applies to tests appointments. Most likely, your instructor is the one who’ll be accompanying you to the test center; you need to ensure they’re reliable.

Otherwise, too many cancellations of your test appointments will interfere with your eligibility chances. You need to be organized and punctual, so does your instructor.

9. An Instructor with a Good Sense of Humor

You maybe wondering, does this mean I should only look for the best driving instructors near me who’re comedians? Of course, not!

Humor isn’t necessarily a requirement or a quality, but it’s a plus. It can make a huge difference. An instructor who can crack jokes, and see the fun side of things, should have you at ease. Your lessons will be more enjoyable.

While at it, you shouldn’t let the excitement get in the way of acquiring the expertise you need to pass your driving test. Experience and knowledge needed to acquire driving license trumps the comedy gold.  An odd chuckle behind the wheel reduces your nervousness.

10. A Cool, Calm, and Laid- Back Instructor

An excellent instructor is ready for the unexpected. Whenever you make a mistake, they won’t fly off the handle.  There’s no reason, however, for your trainer to be anything less than cool as a cucumber since there are dual controls where the instructor can take control in case of a mishap.

Wrap Up

When searching for the best driving instructors near me,you should remember that there’s no such thing as a perfect driving trainer. However, you can never do wrong if you look out for the ten qualities, as discussed above. Put in some thought when deciding who to go for, as your choice will play an integral role in your driving success.

At Pierre Paul Driving School, we’ve got experienced, patient, friendly, and knowledgeable driving instructors. Call us at now 718-576-6277 to schedule for lessons.