10 Things to Expect in the Best Driving School in Brooklyn

December 8, 2019

So you want to become a professional driver, and are probably wondering, what’s in the best driving school in Brooklyn?

Well, there are many driving schools around Brooklyn, but don’t make a mistake of enrolling with the first driving school you come across. Everything may look perfect from the outside until you realize it’s far from the best driving school.

We know finding the best driving school isn’t a walk in the park, when they all seem to vary in level of education, cost and time commitment. So, we put together this guide to make the entire process pain-free for you.

1. Reasonable Cost

Different schools charge different fees, and so, you should start by comparing the cost offered by schools with similar driver training. The costs can vary based on the depth of the courses offered. Therefore, instead of looking at the fees alone, find out what the course entails.

To avoid unpleasant surprises later on, pay attention to the fine print, and ensure you know about possible hidden charges. Also, find out whether there are special offers as many schools often offer discounts, which you may find interesting.

Overall, don’t just focus on the cost alone, but consider other factors too, then go for a driving course with exceptional services but reasonable cost.

2. Years in business

While the longest duration in business doesn’t necessarily mean the best training services, the number of years in business may be regarded as an important indicator that the school knows how to cope with the dynamic market needs and can withstand competition too.

Many years of experience also show that over the years, the instructors have mastered effective ways of teaching students so they master their driving and pass the driving test.

3. Customer Reviews

Nowadays, nearly every reputed institute has an official website and probably a page on social media. Go through the website to find out what previous customers have to say about the school.

While reading the reviews, pay special attention to their comments regarding the teaching approaches, the professionalism of the staff, the quality of lessons, and how the driving lessons shaped them. From this information, you can tell whether it’s a serious place to learn driving or not.

4. Flexibility of Training and Schedule

Students of diverse backgrounds attend a driving school, and it’s essential for the school to keep in mind the needs of all of these learners. Schools that train teens, adults and people with special needs should have flexible teaching strategies to address the needs of all their students.

Similarly, you could be working, attending college or tied up with some other commitment and you need a driving school with flexible schedules that suit the diverse lifestyles of their students.

5. Able to Handle Different Types of Students

Whether you’ve grown up driving cars in your home or have never been inside a car at all, the driving school should cater to your unique needs. The instructors should be able to handle different types of students including the nervous, overconfident, or terrified ones.

Regardless of your disposition, an instructor should be patient enough to teach you in a way that aligns with where you are as a potential driver.

You can tell this from the first lesson. If you’re the nervous type yet the instructor doesn’t seem patient or calming, they probably haven’t had adequate time with other nervous drivers, or they aren’t experienced enough to handle different types of learners. Feel free to ask a driving school about the instructor’s experience prior to getting into a car.

6. Enough ‘Hands On’ Time

You know you’re becoming a driver when you finally get out on the road, right? Find out the duration in the car the school is willing to give to the student driver and under what set of conditions you’ll be learning.

There’s a difference between making several turns in the parking lot and practicing how to safely change lanes on a busy road. Ensure the school provides you with adequate time to maximize learning time behind the wheel and combine it with practice time.

7. Accreditation

The best driving school should be accredited. Check with the New York DMV office to know the state’s requirements for the driver’s education. Now, ensure each of the driving schools you’re considering, meets these standards. If you’re looking for a driving school to help lower your insurance rate, find out from your insurance provider on which types of schools meet their requirements.

8. DMV Certified Instructors

Driving lessons don’t include theoretical lessons only; there are practice lessons. Brooklyn has busy roads and if you have to go for practice rounds anytime of the day, you need to be in the hands of a DMV certified and experienced driver.

This certification prepares them with enough skills to be able to teach both adults and teens to become the best drivers on the road. While paperwork can show someone has been DMV certified, confirm that the instructors have acquired extensive experience as well.

9. Student-to-Teacher Ratio

The best driving school provides as much individual attention to its students as possible to ensure skilled and safe driving in the future. It’s recommended that you join an institution with a low student-to-teacher ratio to ensure you receive the much-needed attention while learning.

10. Teaching Method

It’ one of the most important factors that will determine the choice of your driving school. The teaching method provided by instructors should be aligned with how you learn best.

Some students learn best when dictated to. Others will learn faster when they participate in the learning process. Some would like to learn to master the specifics and everything else before moving to the next lesson.

The teaching method of a driving instructor is what determines the pace of your learning. It will make you look forward to driving lessons or dread them. Therefore, be sure to ask about the methods of teaching used.

Final thoughts

Seeking the best driving school in Brooklyn is it. When you get quality driving education, you will pass those driving tests easily, feel safer behind the wheel, and gain an upper hand in future job applications that may favor applicants with a driving license.