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Are you in need of the best driving gloves that will enhance your driving experience?

Gloves play a significant role in enhancing grip on your steering wheel. At some point, you may have thought that driving gloves were meant for racing cars only.

However, that’s not the case, and if you spend more than four hours on the wheel, you have every reason to purchase a pair of gloves.

There are driving gloves for truck drivers who go for long distances too.

Both hot and cool weather conditions require you to have gloves since you may have sweaty hands or freezing hands when driving.

At a Glance: Best Driving Gloves

1. Best for Touchscreen: ELMA Winter Leather Gloves

2. Best Soft Leather: Full-Hand Touchscreen Gloves

3. Best Comfortable: Men’s Winter Cold Weather Warm Leather

4. Best High Quality & Low-Priced:  Reed Men’s Genuine Leather 

5. Best Firm Grip: Genuine Sheepskin Leather Gloves for Men

6. Best Durable: isotoner Women’s Spandex Touchscreen

7. Best Classy Look: Genuine Sheepskin Leather Gloves for Women

8. Best Luxurious-Looking: Winter Gloves for Women Genuine Leather

9. Best for Winter: Warm Fleece Lining Touchscreen

10. Best Well-Made: Super-soft Leather Winter Gloves for Women

Why Do You Need Driving Gloves?

Protects the Steering wheel 

Having driving gloves is one way of preserving the wheel and maintaining its good shape. Consider purchasing quality gloves that will prevent sweat and body oils from accessing your steering wheel.

Reduced Fatigue

If you are in a situation that requires you to drive your car for each errand, hand fatigue is not news to you. Gloves will keep your hands comfortable throughout your journey and without wearing them out. They will keep blisters formed due to friction away.

Better Grip

With your gloves on, you can grip any steering wheel without worry. Gloves improve the traction between the hands and the wheel by keeping sweat and oils.

You may not be racing, but there are situations such as driving on the highway that require a better grip to keep your hands on the wheel if quick action is needed

Works Perfectly in Extreme Weather Conditions

Gloves will serve you well in cold or scorching weather conditions. When it’s scorching, your hands may sweat and lose the grip for the steering wheel or cause blisters on your hands. 

Additionally, having gloves during the cold season will keep your hands from freezing. They function as insulators to keep your body warm and improve gripping.

Fashionable Look

Besides the preventive benefits of gloves, some people use them to keep up with fashion. A classy look comes with wearing gloves, especially if they match well with your outfit. When you have gloves that go well with your fashion, you tend to enjoy your driving experience.

10 Best Driving Gloves Reviewed

Here are more detailed reviews to give you a clue of the features as well as where to buy driving gloves.

Best Driving Gloves for Men

1. Best for Touchscreen: ELMA Winter Leather Gloves

The gloves represent superior quality from the ELMA brand that people find luxurious.

They are the best gloves for men and come in different colors to choose from.

You don’t have to worry during harsh weather conditions; the leather driving gloves have a high-quality lining that keeps your hands warm.

One type of lining is the Cashmere obtained from the hair of mountain goats. The hair is warm and lightweight, making you comfortable.

On the other hand, a fleece lining is made from thick polyester fleece and has a longer life than Cashmere.

Besides being warm, it’s easier to clean and dries faster.

2. Best Soft Leather: Full-Hand Touchscreen Gloves

Are you planning to gift a friend the best leather driving gloves? The gloves from Harrms will be a perfect choice.

Sewing of the gloves is done using high-end technology used for over ten years to deliver long-lasting gloves. Proper inspection is also conducted to ensure what gets in the market is high-quality.

Nanotechnology is applied in making gloves where your hand can use touchscreen devices when the glove is still on. The touch screen is accessible through all fingers and palms.

Did I mention the premium lambskin is used in making the gloves? The material is soft and comfortable in both cold and hot weather conditions and the best driving gloves for sweaty hands.

However, when cleaning the gloves, don’t bleach them or apply the oils used in leather shoes. You can use any dry-cleaning method, and it will work perfectly.

3. Best Comfortable: Men’s Winter Cold Weather Warm Leather

These are the best driving gloves for winter. Made using Butter soft Nappa leather; the gloves have a soft touch that is soothing to your hands.

Your hands will no longer frost during winter when on these gloves. On the other hand, they can act as luxury driving gloves to complete your fashion look and match your charming jacket.

Not to mention, the gloves provide a fantastic grip on the steering wheel, especially when driving on the highway, which requires attention.

The leather driving gloves are also durable, with the lining made with 100% Polyester Fleece. The touch screen is also active though not on the whole hand.

4. Best High Quality & Low-Priced:  Reed Men’s Genuine Leather 

Reed brand has been on the market since 1950, famously known for producing leather jackets.

However, with the advance in technology, they ventured into producing gloves.

The company produces well-insulated cold weather driving gloves to keep you warm in your journey. They are also the best driving gloves for truckers. 

Insulation is done using the 3M Thinsulate, initially thin and synthetic, making them the best gloves for sweaty hands. 

The driving gloves are compatible with touch screens; you don’t have to remove them whenever you want to use your touch screen devices but don’t text while driving.

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5. Best Firm Grip: Genuine Sheepskin Leather Gloves for Men

The sheepskin gloves are unique with a 360-degree touch screen functioning; this means you can have the gloves after stopping and getting into other activities.

The men’s driving gloves from Alepo come in five different sizes and three colors: black, gray, and brown. You can choose a color that matches your outfit.

The genuine sheepskin leather lasts longer with exceptional strength. The lining made of Italian Cashmere gives it a soft and warm inner side making them the best driving gloves for winter.

Not to mention, their fashionable look fits well with your various dressing codes for either casual or office purposes. They are the best driving gloves for truckers.

Best Driving Gloves for Women

6. Best Durable: isotoner Women’s Spandex Touchscreen

isotoner has the best gloves for women. The brand worked on satisfying women’s different preferences when it comes to colors.

The gloves will help maintain your fashionable and elegant appearance for any trip you want to take.

The gloves Made of 100% polyester, with the shell having 86% nylon and 14% Spandex which increases durability. 

Your hands and nails are safe since the gloves are waterproof made using the SmartDRI technology.

Spandex used in making the gloves gives them a contoured and flexible fit, improving their grip in cold weather conditions.

To keep your gloves free from germs, clean them regularly; they are machine washable, making it easier for you. For more efficient results, use cold water combined with air dry.

7. Best Classy: Genuine Sheepskin Leather Gloves for Women

Are you wondering which gloves to choose for a good experience while driving in the freezing ice? 

Alepo designed these gloves for women giving them a classy look, not to forget that they come in different attractive colors. They are the perfect choice for luxury driving gloves.

The cashmere lining will leave your hands warm and protected from freezing, and you will grip the steering wheel better.

The genuine and high-quality leather from sheepskin is flexible, and the gloves can fit most people. They come in different sizes.

The top part of the gloves are well cuffed to ensure they hold well on your hand.

The gloves don’t alter the touch screen compatibility; you can use your devices with the gloves on.

8. Best Luxurious-Looking: Winter Gloves for Women Genuine Leather

If you want to keep it classy and luxurious without leaving out the warmth needed for your hands, they are the best driving gloves for winter.

You can gift someone with the gloves for Christmas or Thanksgiving Day, and they will be forever grateful.

The driving gloves come in almost all colors that blend well with your outfits.

Even in these gloves, the touchscreen functions well; you can comfortably check the GPS or still have them in your outdoor activities. 

They have a warm lining blended with 70% wool and 30% cashmere; these materials are strong and last long; not to forget they are lightweight hence no heavy gloves.

9. Best for Winter: Warm Fleece Lining Touchscreen

With 100% fleece material, you are guaranteed warm hands throughout your driving experience. The best thing about fleece is that it’s lightweight.

Apart from being the best driving gloves for winter, they will work well when cycling due to their windproof nature.

You can use your touch screen devices freely when on these gloves since the whole hand and fingers are compatible.

You can also give a friend these gloves; the packaging is presentable for gifting.

Although you may experience struggles while fitting for the first time, the leather will relax with time, and it will be easier to put the gloves on.

10. Best Well-Made: Super-Soft Leather Winter Gloves for Women

FEIQIAOSH gloves are the type you can’t afford to miss on the list; they’re the best driving gloves for women.

The company uses high-quality materials to ensure that its elegance meets its functionality. They adopt unique crafting techniques for a better outcome.

You have a range of colors available to choose from that are fashionable.

Not to forget that the gloves are durable with a more significant grip for driving. The material used is classic and lightweight too.

You can still have your gloves on when using touch screen devices for outdoor activities.

What to Consider When Choosing Driving Gloves

Touch Screen Compatibility

Choose a pair of gloves that allows you to operate your touch screen devices.

I am sure you don’t want a situation where you must remove your gloves even with cold weather conditions to operate your device, right?

Color Preference 

When it comes to color, this is a personal choice depending on the one you are comfortable working with.

However, you can choose gloves that match your car’s interior well for a luxurious look.

The Design

Do you want full-fingered gloves or half-fingered gloves? Settle on the one you feel more comfortable with while driving. 

If you are exposed to a cold area, it would be better to go for the full-fingered gloves.

Comfort with Change in Temperatures

Choose gloves that will keep you warm in cold conditions and increase grip for sweaty hands in hot weather conditions.

Material Used

Most gloves are made using leather which is durable and readily available.

With the advancing technology, there is a development in other materials such as nylon used in gloves manufacturing.

The new materials are tougher with advanced flexibility.

Final Word

Now that you have the reviews at hand, it’s your time to decide which driving gloves are the best and fit your preference. Choose gloves that will serve you longer, saving on the cost, too. I hope you settle on the best driving gloves.