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The best car trash can is what you need to keep your car’s interior tidy and your ride comfortable.

Whether on a long or short trip, we often accumulate a fair amount of litter that may end up getting stuffed in a cup holder, center console, or glove compartment. Not to mention, there’s that space amidst seats where it can stay for days.

Sure, it’s a temporary issue, but let’s be honest. That collection of receipts, wrappers, empty water bottles and banana peels will be a persistent problem.

Not only is it likely to make the car smelly (and thus, uncomfortable), it’s also going to waste tons of time cleaning the car interior each time after a trip. That’s where the best car trash can comes in handy – to make your interior clean, organized and comfortable.

Here are some of the best automobile trash cans to choose from:

Quick Glance: 10 Best Car Trash Cans

#1Best overallLusso Gear XL 3.5 Gallon Car Trash Can
#2Best for center consoleRyhpez Car Trash Can with Lid – Car Trash Bag
#3Best floor trash canCarbage Can Premium Car Trash Can
#4Best for picnic carsDrive Auto Car Trash Can and Garbage Bag Set
#5Best plastic trash canCar Trash Can Bin Waste Container Plastic
#6Best durable canMeistar – Plastic Car Trash Can
#7Best for small carsKMMOTORS Aladdin Foldable Car Garbage Can
#8Best cup holder trash canCar Trash Can Bin Waste Container
#9Best foldable trash canCar Trash Can, Foldable Car Garbage Can with Lid
#10Best hanging trash canCar Trash Can Waterproof Collapsible Garbage Bag

10 Best Car Trash Cans Reviewed

1. Lusso Gear XL 3.5 Gallon Car Trash Can

The Lusso Gear trash can is a great vehicle trash can, and you ought to have one. The trash can holds up to 3.5 gallons of trash, saving you from emptying the can every minute.

The can is firm and won’t sag or bulge. It is strong so that it won’t collapse when empty or move when you are turning the car.

Since smelly trash can be uncomfortable, the trash can has a lid that prevents the smell from spreading all over the car.



2. Ryhpez Car Trash Can with Lid – Car Trash Bag

The trash can is another fantastic product from Ryhpez that can hold a substantial amount of trash of up to 2 gallons. 

The can is multipurpose, you can use it as a cooler for your food and drinks, the can is also leakproof. 

Since the trash can has straps, you can place it anywhere, whether in the front, the back of the seat, or the center console.



3. Carbage Can Premium Car Trash Can

The Carbage can trash can is the best automobile trash can and you don’t have to hang it at the end back of the car seat. 

Other than keeping the trash, it can be used as a grocery bag. Removing and installing the can is made more accessible by the clips.

It’s one of the best floor trash cans to consider since it’s well attached to the floor mat using clips.



4. Drive Auto Car Trash Can and Garbage Bag Set

The trash can is one of the fantastic ideas from the Drive brand. It comes in two gallons that will give more space for your trash. 

It also acts as a cooler for your drink and other foods. In addition, the can is in the form of a bag that you can easily unclip and use for your picnic, it’s the best mini trash can for your car. 

The hand-sewn garbage can has a strong lining that enables it to hold a large amount of trash. 



5. Car Trash Can Bin Waste Container Plastic

 It doesn’t occupy much space in your car and sits nicely on the floor when attached using the thermoplastic mat.

After attaching it, you can be sure that it won’t tip over making it the best floor trash can. You can also use the can as a storage box.

The can is made of polypropylene which is easy to clean.



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6. Meistar – Plastic Car Trash Can

The can is one of the fantastic Meistar products. It holds a capacity of 0.8 gallons of waste. The good thing is it has a mat that attaches it to the floor, preventing it from swaying.

It functions well as a small car trash can since it does not take much space. Sometimes you may convert it into a storage tool.

It is easy to clean if you detach it from the mat, wash it, and get it back ready for subsequent use.



7. KMMOTORS Aladdin Foldable Car Garbage Can

The trash can is leakproof, keeping your car clean from possible spills.

It is durable and can last up to one year when you are consistent in changing the liner. The can comes with a full 50pc bag for putting your trash.

The trash can doesn’t collapse when there is no rash giving it a neat look, and the car interior isn’t messed up.



8. Car Trash Can Bin Waste Container

ATMOMO made a significant improvement in developing this can. It can carry a large amount of garbage and can be used in any vehicle.

The trash can has temporary garbage bags that make it easy to dispose of waste without spillage on the car floor. The can’s sealed design makes it suitable for use in outdoor activities and traveling.

The upper part of the lid can be used as a beverage holder. 



9. Car Trash Can, Foldable Car Garbage Can with Lid

The trash can has a removable lining, which is also leakproof. Being foldable makes it the best vehicle trash can for traveling and picnics.

It comes with hooks for holding the disposable bags; remember adding a disposable bag is optional; however, it is good to prevent staining of the can.

It comes in a unique design that has a napkin holder for all sizes of napkins. The can is multipurpose and can be used when traveling to keep drinks or the kids’ toys.



10. Car Trash Can Waterproof Collapsible Garbage Bag

The can is in a leakproof bag, and it’s also suitable for vacation. It’s the best mini trash can for your car.

The magnets in the bag allow them to be suspended at the back seat, leaving a space for the feet. 

It can contain hanging clips that are strong enough to hold it throughout without breaking or stretching.



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How to Choose the Best Car Trash Can

1. Car size

Ensure that the can you choose fits well in your car and doesn’t occupy a lot of space. If the car is small, we recommend using a cupholder trash can.

2. Car purpose

Choose a trash can that combines well with the purpose of your car. For example, if you use the car for vacations, the multipurpose can will serve you right.

3. Car riders

The people that use the car may determine the kind of trash can you need to purchase. Adults can adapt to ant trash can but with kids, a can with a lid will be the best to avoid spillage.

4. Material

There are many materials to choose from, however, if you are dealing with wet trash consider leakproof materials such as plastic and water-resistant materials.

5. Purpose

Choose the best trash can that matches the kind of trash you interact with. When dealing with wet trash, you should settle on trash cans that have lids and disposable trash bags.

6. Durability

I am sure you wouldn’t like a trash can that breaks in the next few days, right? The material type will give you an idea of the trash that lasts longer. Plastic and stainless steel trash cans are durable.

7. Appearance 

People have different tastes when it comes to style. From our list above, you won’t miss one that suits your car.

8. Features

Even if trash cans serve almost the same purpose, some may come with extra features such as an organizer for your bottle or a cup holder.  We also have trash cans that come with disposable trash bags.

9. Budget

After deciding that you need a trash can for your car, ensure you have budgeted for it. After all, most trash cans are affordable. 

Final Word 

The above list of cans to choose from makes sure you choose one that satisfies you with a trash can; it’s easier to make sure that things in your car are in order.

All the best, buddy, as you get the best choice of a trash can.