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Nothing beats the best car speakers for bass.

Picture this:

You’re behind the wheel either alone or with someone.

You’re probably tired, stressed, stuck in traffic, and silence in the car is simply deafening.

But everything changes when you turn your best music on. You feel alive, relaxed, and happy!

Unfortunately, the car speaker’s sound quality may not always be the best, especially if you like bass.

But don’t let that ruin your trip; we’ve got you covered, buddy.

If your speakers aren’t playing your favorite songs in a way that makes you nod or even sing along, it’s time to replace them ASAP.

We’ve saved you hours of research by compiling a list of the best car speakers for bass and sound quality.

Let’s find something to spice up your driving experience and bless your ears. Shall we?

Our 12 Best Car Speakers for Bass

Car speaker typeUnique feature
#1Focal 165 AS 3 Access 6-1/2 All-weather fiberglass
#2JBL GTO939 GTO SeriesMore clear, natural sound
#3Kicker CS Series 150 WattPolypropylene cone
#4Infinity Kappa 62IX 6.5″Wireless 
#5Skar Audio TX65C 6.5″Wide range sound frequencies
#6Skar Audio SPX-65C 6.5″High peak power
#7DS18 EXL-SQ6.9 6X9 InchDeep bass
#8Infinity Reference 6530CX 6-1/2Balanced sound output
#9DS18 PRO-X8.4BMPK Mid and HighSuperior quality tweeters
#10DS18 EXL-SQ6.5C 6.5 Inch 2Fits most cars/400-watt peak power

1. Focal 165 AS 3 Access 6-1/2

One thing I love about the Focal 165 is its all-weather fiberglass installed in the speaker allows it to function well in any weather condition without distortion. 

The sound that comes with the speaker will give you the pleasure you were looking for.

It is a three-way speaker that ensures bass delivery to the woofers; it also gives a midrange for all frequencies.

The TN43 tweeter in the speaker has an aluminum inverted dome shape that allows discharge of high frequencies.

The external crossovers also ensure that the high frequencies delivered are seamless.



2. JBL GTO939 GTO Series 

The JBL GTO939 is another fantastic car speaker from the JBL brand that comes with excellent sound. 

This speaker features a Mylar-titanium tweeter with a big coil. The Mylar and titanium combo makes the coil strong and lightweight. Besides, the large voice call enhances power handling and minimizes distortion at higher output peaks.

The built-in crossover network enhances a smooth transition between the tweeter and the woofer. The outcome is natural and lifelike mid-range vocals that make you think the artist is performing right there in the car!

This speaker delivers powerful performance, thanks to the 4-ohm design that pulls maximum power from the system.

Did I mention installing this speaker is a breeze?



3. Kicker CS Series 150 Watt

The Kicker, CS Series speakers, are made to fit a wide range of cars.

The speakers have a powerful motor with an Extended Voice Coil that can deliver powerful bass even with deeper lows.

The cones are made of polypropylene play an essential role in delivering the exceptional treble of the speakers. They can hold 300 watts of power.

It has a 6dB/octave inline that allows only correct frequencies to be sent to the drivers, and with the poly switch protector, you are safe even at high volume.

The speaker comes with three mounting options; flushed, angled, and surface.



4. Infinity Kappa 62IX 6.5″

Infinity is a well-known brand name whose speakers are even used as a reference by others due to their high quality.

The brand is determined to give its customers the best outcome; they test before releasing their speakers to the market.

 It has a very high response to bass due to the glass fiber cones.

The low impedance 2.5-ohm speaker enables it to deliver high peak power regardless of the car it’s installed in.

Their tweeters are edge-driven textile domes that deliver a smoother and broader high frequency.



5. Skar Audio TX65C 6.5″

Are you thinking of upgrading your car speakers? Well, the Skar speaker is the perfect option.

It comes as a component with two sets of speaker grilles, tweeters, and crossovers. The speakers are designed to seek perfect sound.

With this brand, you will experience the loudest and efficient volume you have ever thought of.

The copper voice call and the ferrite magnet with a sensitivity of 89dB are used to provide more power for excellent music.

They have a fiberglass cone at the mid-range to achieve wide-range frequencies, which is coupled with a premium TPE for higher responsiveness.

The silk dome tweeters are responsible for the delivery of clear and rich frequency sounds.



6. Skar Audio SPX-65C 6.5″

The SPX-65C model is the best speaker for bass that holds a high peak power of up to 400watts. 

Its sensitivity is improved compared to other speakers of this brand, and it’s up to 92 dB, with a low impedance of 4 Ohms.

It has aluminum dome tweeters that significantly add sensitivity due to the silk end with a powerful neodymium magnet.

The speaker has a surround of premium butyl rubber with its cone multi-layered giving you a fantastic experience with your preferred music.

With these speakers, you don’t have to worry about the audiophile grade since the crossover ties the whole network system together to reproduce excellent quality sound throughout the day.

The response frequency is commendable, ranging from 42Hz to 20 kHz.



7. DS18 EXL-SQ6.9 6X9 Inch

One thing about the DS18 speakers is their ability to produce a high bass response. If you love deep bass, then look no further. 

You would love the high frequencies that come with them.

The packaging of the speakers is appealing and reflects the quality you are about to get for yourself. 

The well-fitted glass fiberglass cone with a rubber at the edges gives the speakers an appealing look and adds the speakers’ sensitivity to 90dB

The speakers have a high-frequency response ranging from 55Kz to 22kHz.

Its size fits almost all cars ranging from SUVs to trucks.



8. Infinity Reference 6530CX 6-1/2

The infinity speaker is known for its high-quality sound. There is no doubt about investing your money with the speaker. 

Consider this speaker for replacing your car factory speaker; they have newly engineered baskets designed to fit well in the space that the factory speakers previously occupied.

The brand adopts the Plus One technology in making oversized speakers that enhance the bass production and higher midrange output.

The edge-driven textile tweeters ensure a smooth output of clear highs for a better music experience.

If you are the kind of person that hates screechy frequencies that are too bright, the speaker will serve you right; you won’t have headaches that come with the noise after installing these speakers.



9. DS18 PRO-X8.4BMPK Mid and High  

The PRO model of the DS18 speaker has additional features that you are missing in your bass speakers.

To begin with, as the appearance of the tweeters is pleasant and reflects in their functionality too, they top the list of tweeters when it comes to handling high frequencies.

Power delivered by the PRO- TW220 tweeters is a real deal with a maximum of 350 watts and 225 Watts RMS. 

You need to try it out and see what these high-end tweeters can do for you.

These best car speakers deliver power that you can count on, with 275 watts peak power.

Besides producing excellent bass, the speaker has a mid-range driver that handles the sound audibility spectrum; you will feel as if you have a concert in your car.



10. DS18 EXL-SQ6.5C 6.5 Inch 2

The DS18 brand is attractive; the appearance, packaging, and quality will leave you wanting to purchase their products.

If you’re looking for the best car speakers with quality sound, then you are in the right place. The EXL-SQ6.5C will serve you with the kind of sound that will leave your ears jiggling.

The speaker is designed to fit almost all cars, either small or big.

The high-quality Neodymium magnet tweeter helps achieve a high strength mid-bass. It gives a good combination of mids and highs.



11. BOSS Audio Systems NX694

The BOSS Audio Systems NX694 Car Speakers are an excellent choice for car enthusiasts looking to upgrade their audio experience.

With a power output of 800 watts per pair (400 watts each), these 6 x 9-inch speakers deliver impressive sound quality and clarity.

Designed as a full-range speaker system, they offer a wide frequency response range, ensuring you can enjoy rich, detailed sound across all music genres.

One standout feature of these speakers is their 4-way design, which means they consist of four individual drivers to handle different frequency ranges.

This results in a well-balanced sound reproduction with a distinct separation between lows, mids, and highs. Including tweeters and midrange drivers further enhances the overall audio performance, providing crisp highs and smooth midrange frequencies.

Installation is a breeze with these speakers, as they come in pairs and include all the necessary mounting hardware. The sturdy construction and quality materials used ensure durability and long-lasting performance.

The sleek design and black finish make them visually appealing and complementary to most car interiors.



12. American Bass XFL1022

This car subwoofer packs a punch with its impressive peak power of 2000W, delivering deep bass that will fill your vehicle. Designed for high-performance use, it serves as a robust addition to your existing car speaker setup.

The American Bass XFL1022 speaker features a sturdy construction, including a heavy-duty high-excursion design bracket and a durable carbon-Kevlar paper cone.

Its NT multi-layer high-density foam surround adds to its longevity, ensuring that you can install this speaker and enjoy its exceptional sound performance for years to come.

Equipped with dual 2-ohm voice coils and an impedance of 4 ohms, this subwoofer is compatible with most car stereo systems with low impedance ratings.

It boasts a high-temperature 3-inch voice coil with extensive windings, enabling it to handle intense audio demands. Inside the speaker, you’ll find a triple-stacked 220-ounce magnet with a cooling pump motor design, a uni-rubber gasket and rubber magnet boot, all contributing to its durability and premium construction.



Final Word

With the above review about the best car speakers, I believe you have an idea of what to look for in a speaker. You deserve the best car speakers for the money you are about to invest; if the quality is not compromised, digging deeper into your pocket is not an issue.

All the best in choosing the right one that fits your preference for a breathtaking experience when driving. Just remember not to make the volume too loud that it distracts you from driving or disturbs other road users.