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5 Hour Driving Course

Learn the 5-hour pre-licensing online course and know how to drive safely and responsibly.

Road Test Appointment

Book your road test early near Bay Terrace Driving School and get closer to a New York driver’s license.

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Take personalized driving instructions from our expert instructors and be ready to hit the roads with confidence.

Road Test Sites Near Bay Terrace 

1. Fox Hill DMV Road Test Site

LocationNorth side of Mosel Avenue, facing Pierce Street, Staten Island, NY 10301

Directions: Drive on the Staten Island Expressway West and take the Clove Road Exit. Continue until you reach Richmond Road, then make a left turn. At the following intersection, which is Narrows Road South, make another left turn. Stay in the right lane until you reach the end, where you can turn left onto Mosel Avenue. Once there, pull over to the right beneath the underpass to line up.

2. Dugdale Street

LocationDugdale Street between Riga Street and Mill Road, Staten Island, NY 10306

Directions: Once you’ve crossed the Verrazano Bridge, take exit 14 toward Hylan Blvd. Merge onto Narrows Road North, then turn left onto Hylan Blvd. Continue onto Steuben Street. Utilize the right two lanes to make a right turn onto Hylan Blvd. Next, turn left onto Guyon Avenue, followed by a right onto Mill Road. After driving 0.2 miles, make a right turn onto Dugdale Street.

 Why Go with Bay Terrace Driving School?

1. Experienced Instructors

Our driving instructors have extensive experience in teaching safe driving skills to produce responsible and confident drivers. They are also DMV-certified.

2. We Provide Road Test Cars

At Bay Terrace Driving School, we provide road test cars so students can take their test in a vehicle they are comfortable with and used to.

3. 97% of Students Pass Their Road Test

We offer top-notch skills and knowledge to students so they pass their road test on the first attempt.

4. Flexible Classes

Our driving lessons in Bay Terrace are flexible. This means you can take your lessons at your own pace.

5 Places in Bay Terrace to Hone Your Driving Skills

Bay Terrace in Staten Island offers unique spots that training drivers can use to improve their skills. Here are the seven best spots to explore:

driving lessons Bay Terrace


1. Bay Terrace Park

The park’s parking lots and nearby streets provide a peaceful environment for new drivers to practice parking and low-speed driving.

2. Bay Terrace Shopping Center

The parking lots of shopping centers are great places to practice parking, backing up, and navigating tight spaces.

3. Local Residential Streets

Bay Terrace offers many quiet, residential streets with minimal traffic, ideal for practicing basic driving maneuvers like turns, stops, and lane changes.

4. Public Library

The area around the Bay Terrace Library offers opportunities to practice navigating local streets and intersections.

5. Hylan Boulevard

As one of the main thoroughfares, Hylan Boulevard provides opportunities to gain experience in handling busier road conditions and intersections.

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