Can a Cop Pull You Over for Looking Too Young?

In most cases, a police officer will not pull you over because you appear young. But they can if they believe you are significantly younger than the minimum age to operate a motor vehicle. The officer must explain why your appearance warranted a reasonable suspicion stop. If you are a New York resident, it’s common […]

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Can You Honk at Someone for Going Slow?

You may be wondering, can you honk at someone for going slow? Well, when someone is going slowly, it is illegal to honk at them. All you need to do is find a way to overtake them or be patient, at least. Don’t we all want to arrive safely, after all? The horn in your […]

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driving again after an accident

How to Pull Over (to the Left and Right)

Among the important things, you’ll study in a driving class is how to pull over safely. Though it may appear to be simple, it only needs much focus.  Even if you don’t like to pull over, you’ll be surprised to learn that you’ll have to pull over countless times during your driving test. However, practice […]

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