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Before you start looking for affordable parking spaces in NY, you should fully understand the parking laws in New York. Cheap might be expensive if you do not follow the laws. You should also ensure you are conversant with parallel parking so that you can easily and safely park in places where only parallel parking can do.

Los Angeles used to be the most congested city in the United States, but not anymore. The title has now been claimed by New York City, which is now the most congested city in the US. Coronavirus has indeed changed the parking industry.

As a motorist in New York, that’s bad news because it means you will be spending more time in the traffic and, well, more time finding a parking space. At times, you have to literally hunt for a parking space in New York City, even if you are willing to pay the astronomical parking fee!

How would you feel when you have to spend 30-45 minutes looking for a parking space in NY when you are already late for a meeting, thanks to the traffic jam that kept you on the road for long?

Because there is less space for parking in New York, the law of supply and demand kicks in: you pay more when the demand is high. On average, a motorist spends $570 per month for parking in New York City. However, if you take your time, you can pay as low as $120 per month. We will show you how.

Midtown Manhattan is the most expensive area of New York City when it comes to parking fees. If you can, stay away from 5th Avenue if you want affordable parking spaces in NY.

1. Hell’s Kitchen

affordable parking spaces in NY

For as little as $124 per month, you can get parking in Hell’s Kitchen. All you have to do is surf the Internet properly, as we will show you shortly.

2. East Harlem

East Harlem is cheaper than anywhere else in Harlem, so you should drift towards that direction even your budget is tighter. On average, you can get parking for as little as $199 per month in Harlem.

3. Murray Hill

Decent, secure Murray Hill parking spaces range from $400.

4. Upper West Side or Upper East Side

The cheap parking slots in Upper West Side or Upper West Side start at $400 per month. However, Lower East Side has parking slots starting at as low as $195.

6. East Village

You can get cheap parking for $300 per month in East Village.

7. Downtown Brooklyn

affordable parking spaces in NY

For only $200, you can get a car parking in Downtown Brooklyn.

8. Williamsburg

With $200, you can get decent parking in Williamsburg, New York City.

9. Queens

There is parking going for as low as $100 per month in Queens.

10. The Bronx

The Bronx has parking slots going for $200 per month.

How to Get the Best Parking Deals In New York

If you are on a tight budget, you obviously would not want to spend more if you can help it. Saving a dollar here and there can help you through these tough economic times. Here are ways to spend less on parking fees in New York City:

1. Comb through the Internet for the Best Deals

Some motorists pay more for parking in New York because they search for parking space by word of mouth and are not willing to dig deeper. For instance, if you know you will need parking space in Brooklyn by next week, you should start hunting for space now.

Fortunately, the Internet has made it easy to find almost anything on the planet. There are social media sites, apps, and websites dealing specifically with parking spaces. Narrow down to the area you are visiting in NY and compare the prices of available spots. Check sites like Craig list or Yelp.

The best part about online booking is that you will be shown the direction to the spot, including the shortcuts. Again, if you need a parking space to use daily, you get discounted monthly parking deals online.

2. Be Open-Minded

At times, you should be willing to park quite a distance from where you are to have a meeting or party. You then walk the remaining distance to and from the venue. Walking a distance of 500 meters can save you $300 in some areas. Always arrive earlier to appointments and spend the time looking for cheap parking spots.

3. Check the Timing Discounts

Some areas of New York City have cheaper parking rates depending on the time. For instance, in locations where most people drive to work in the morning, the parking fee gets cheaper due to low demand during the working hours, while the same shoots up from evening.

So you can plan your trip with that in mind so that you get off-peak discounts.

4. Park at the Transit Stations

affordable parking spaces in NY

You should also consider buying a monthly parking slot at the transit station’s parking if one is near where you work. Some people commuting from NJ to NYC use the Sea caucus junction parking for as low as $250 per month.

If you commute Manhattan from Queens, you can find cheap parking at Queens boro Plaza Stop. There are other parking spots in Queens boro offering as low as $10 per day and $150/month.

What Determines Parking Rates In New York City?

The parking rates in NYC are determined by the parking conditions, security, and parking demand. Location of the parking spaces also plays a significant role in determining the rates because parking spaces closer to the highways or major business centers are less cheaper.

The type of vehicle you have will also determine what you are charged at parking: commercial vehicles cost more to park than personal cars.

Wrapping It Up

Your car’s security should come first, even as you look for affordable parking spaces in NY. No matter how cheap parking is, it should not be at the expense of you and your car’s security. Avoid insecure parking areas with alarming notices like Parked At Owner’s Risk.

While parking or leaving a parking, do your best to avoid parking lot accidents.

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