Adults Driving School

Pierre Paul Driving School is Brooklyn, New York’s #1 driving school. With 13 years of experience helping teens and adults learn to drive in New York City, we train drivers of all experience levels to be safer behind the wheel. Payment installment plans are available for all lessons!


Whether you are old or young, Pierre Paul Driving School believes it is never too late to learn to drive or receive the training to become a better driver. Effort will always find it way to success.Whether you are interested in earning your driver’s license for the first time, or are looking to improve your driving skills by taking our driving lessons in Brooklyn.  We can provide you a safe, fully-inspected, and clean vehicle for your lessons. Everything in the vehicle will be working perfectly increasing your chances of passing.

If you need one-on-one attention, private instruction is available by appointment 7 days a week. We can provide lessons before or after work—let us know your schedule and we can accommodate you. This is best for grown-upPeople who would like to learn how to drive a car and Pierre Paul Driving School has the best adult driving school.

Contact us today and tomorrow you will begin driving very soon! We welcome your calls and emails, and are glad to help.


Special Circumstances

From time-to-time, adults will be required to receive driver training—or they may choose to, because they receive a benefit from it. If any of the circumstances below apply to you, call us—we will be able to help!

Mandatory Lessons

You may need driving instruction because of a court-order. Other violations may put points on your license. Either way, we can provide you with the driving instruction you need to fulfill your court obligations or reduce the points. Our fully-licensed instructors will work with you to earn those points back.

Insurance Benefits

Insurance companies may offer premium discounts when you receive driving instruction. As a fully-licensed driving school, we can help you receive that instruction and provide valid documentation to your insurance company.

Senior Citizen Driving Test

As we age, we can remain safe drivers, but we have to account for any loss of flexibility. Sometimes, older drivers may even have to take a retest to demonstrate their skills. If you need to retrain yourself for new conditions or are required to take the retest, we can provide that instruction. Our state-licensed instructors will show you the patience and respect you deserve, as well as work you through the latest techniques in defensive driving.