7 Ways 5 Hour Driving Classes Make You a Damn Good Driver

March 30, 2021

The essence of joining a driving school is to learn to drive safely. You can now learn to drive well without attending a driving school classroom, thanks to the online 5 hour classes. We already discussed the requirements for a 5-hour driving class.

Whether you are a teenager learning to drive for the first time, or an adult returning to the driving school to learn new tricks or refresh the memory and skills, the 5 hour driving class can be of much help.

At Pierre Paul Driving School, we have embraced the 5 hour pre licensing course to cater to the needs of those learners who, for various reasons, find it more convenient to attend the driving lessons remotely.

Some people are hesitant about the 5-hour driving class, thinking it is less effective. Nothing could be further from the truth. On the contrary, you get as much as any student who attends a physical driving class.

So these are the seven ways 5 hour driving classes make you a damn good driver:

1. You Become an Expert in Highway Driving

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Any driver worth the name should be able to safely drive along the highway, observing the traffic rules and other related regulations. Attending the 5-hour driving class can transform you into one of the best experts in highway driving.

2. Your Driving Anxiety Will Vanish for Good

Got involved in a car accident sometime back and the thought of holding a steering wheel makes you wince?

You’re not the only one. We’ve met students like that and helped them become excellent and fearless drivers.

You can learn something from this one, for example:

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The 5 hour class online is for everyone. You’ll be taught by experienced instructors who will make you feel confident and safe again.

Book the 5 hour class here.

3. You Know How to Deal With Road Rage like a Boss

Do you want to deal with road rage like a boss? Attend the 5 hour driving classes. You get to learn the confidence and calm you need to always pass through the storm that defines some of the roads, especially here in New York.

You will have to deal with thousands of undisciplined, reckless drivers in your driving career. You get to learn why you should not lose your cool even taken advantage of. The bad drivers need not see themselves in you.

At times, a good driver ends up acting like a bad one because “if they can beat you, join them,” but that’s not what you will from a competent instructor handing one of the 5 hour driving classes.

4. Driving Safely Becomes Your New Forte

The 5 hour driving class continually emphasizes the importance of safe driving. If you are an adult who has been less keen on safe driving of late and you feel it could get worse, take a break from the road and join a 5 hour driving class to re-learn the lessons you gradually unlearned.

You will get to appreciate why you should always put your and other road users’ safety ahead of your desire to get to your destination ahead of time.

At the end of the course, driving safely becomes your new forte.

5. You Avoid Getting In Trouble with Traffic Officers

Reckless driving is expensive in the long run, even if you escape road accidents. Overspending will always invite a ticket from the police. If it gets too much, you could lose your driving license.

Each time the police stop you due to unsafe driving, it is at the expense of your time and, well, your money if you lose the argument.

The safe driving habits you learn at one of the 5 hour driving classes will keep you from getting into trouble with the traffic police.

6. You Stand a Chance to Pass Your Road Test

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Passing your road test starts in the driving class, not on the road. The quality of the instructions you receive dramatically determines how you will perform.

The 5 hour driving class prepares you for the big day on the road. Anyway, what’s the point of joining a driving school if you will not pass the road test? You need a driving license, and one easy way to get it is to join a 5 hour driving class at a reputable driving school.

7. You Save Time and Money

The 5-hour driving class is the best deal for you if you are on a tight budget yet still want to learn driving. Because it is done online, you are not going to incur any transport costs. This enables you to save the money you could have spent commuting to and from a driving school.

If you have a busy schedule, the 5 hours class online also helps you to save time. Each day, you spend only five hours learning to drive. Now, fancy how much time it will take you to get to a driving school near you. Whether it is a long or short time, it comes to zero if you attend a virtual driving class. Immediately after the course, you proceed to the next item in your to-do list.

The best part?

You become an expert driver after spending only 5 hours and at the fraction of the cost.

Wrap Up

It should go without saying, but let’s point out that to attend a 5-hour online driving class, you need stable internet, a computer, clear earphones, a quiet environment, among others.

Software such as Zoom and Google Meet are some of the tools many driving schools use to connect with online driving students.

If you are interested, type ‘5 hour course near me’ on the search engine and check the results. Choose one of the schools whose customer reviews are generally positive.

If Pierre Paul Driving School is one of the results of your ‘5 hour class near me’ search, we humbly urge you to choose it. We are located in the Brooklyn area of New York City. We are also a DMV-approved school, so we qualify to teach you the driving skills you need.

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