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In 2024, around 91% of American adults have a driver’s license. This is a 1% increase from last year, which shows that driving is a crucial life skill everyone needs. 

A reputable driving instructor gives students a stress-free learning experience and helps them pass their driving test in no time. But with so many driving instructors out there, knowing where to start your search can feel overwhelming. 

If this sounds like your situation, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven tips for choosing an adult driving instructor.

1. Consider the School’s Location

During your research for the best adult driving schools, it’s important to factor in your location. Ideally, you want somewhere near your home or workplace so it’s easy to add to your schedule. Check out the instructor’s availability and see if it aligns with your preferred lesson times. 

Most driving schools have an online booking system where you can see which slots are available. This makes it easier to book appointments. 

2. Check the Instructor’s Credentials 

You only want to be taught by qualified driving instructors as they know what you should and shouldn’t do to pass the test.

Look for instructors who have valid licenses and years of experience teaching adults, as it proves that they’re credible. Instructors will also give you tips on developing your driving technique while staying safe on the road. 

3. Ask About the Instructor’s Teaching Styles

Another deal-breaker when choosing a driving instructor is their teaching style. Some instructors are nurturing, while others prefer to challenge their students.

Everyone has their own way of absorbing information, so find an instructor who makes you feel comfortable. If you thrive in most teaching environments, aim for an instructor who has great communication skills and shares constructive feedback. 

Further, students should factor in the class size and how much individual attention they’ll receive. Smaller classes give students a personalized experience, so it’s easier to learn and ask questions. Note that a credible driving school offers one-on-one driving sessions, and if they don’t, continue your search.  

4. Read Online Reviews

Reading adult driving instructor reviews gives you insight into each instructor’s abilities. Look for comments about the instructor’s teaching style, punctuality, and whether their driving lessons are worth the investment.  

You should also consider how students feel after attending the school. As learning to drive is a huge transition, reviewers should say they feel comfortable after passing their test and never feel embarrassed about asking for support if it is needed. 

Aside from the instructor’s website, check out their social media pages, Google Business Profile, and Yelp to see what past students have said. If you have a steady stream of negative comments, continue your search as that’s a major red flag. 

5. Discover the Different Types of Driving Courses

A major part of your decision is the type of packages the driving school offers. Budding drivers have different needs, so make sure the school has packages that best suit your requirements. For instance, a beginner may need fewer driving lessons for adults than someone who has a license yet needs a refresher course. 

Note that a good rule of thumb is to choose a curriculum that covers road safety, defense driving, and proper vehicle maintenance. You’ll benefit from well-rounded lessons as they prepare you for daily challenges so you don’t feel overwhelmed in the early months of driving. 

6. Compare Costs of Driving School

Once you’ve found your dream package, compare the costs with similar driving schools in the area. Make sure you have a budget, as it will determine the type of school and how many lessons you can afford. You’ll be surprised how many great schools offer discounted or affordable packages without compromising quality. 

Although it’s tempting to choose the cheapest option, it can cause problems further down the line. You don’t want to find that the instructor rushes through the lessons or doesn’t teach you techniques that you need in the final test. You also want to ensure that you’re learning from a qualified instructor who understands the importance of following safety measures. 

The key is to find the median price and choose a package that ensures you receive comprehensive training from the best.  

7. Prioritize Safety and Learning Environment

A huge consideration is how the instructor follows safety measures in their driving school. Evaluate the vehicle to check that it’s well-maintained and has dual control so the driver can handle the vehicle in an emergency situation. Voice any concerns you have because you need to feel confident behind the wheel. 

Know the Common Red Flags

We’ve discussed how to choose a credible driver, but it’s important to note common red flags that can impact your decision. 

Learning to drive can feel scary, which is why most instructors know how to soothe their students. Because of this, a major red flag is if previous customers have complained about the instructor getting frustrated with mistakes or making them stressed out. 

When you read reviews, look out for students complaining about canceled or rearranged lessons. Sure, timings can get mixed up, but if the instructor can’t commit to your schedule, then it isn’t worth the stress. The goal is to consistently attend lessons so that information stays fresh in your brain, making it easier to pass the test. 

Another no-no is overpriced, short lessons. The problem is that shady instructors will insist you need more lessons before the test, which will cost you more than a regular package. To avoid this situation, read through the packages carefully and shop around until you find a reasonable deal. 

Find the Perfect Adult Driving Instructor Today

Now that you have found a great adult driving instructor, it’s time to book those lessons.  

At Pierre Paul Driving School, we offer a variety of affordable packages and personalized lessons so that students feel comfortable before taking their driving exam. If you’re in the Brooklyn area and are interested in taking driving lessons, we’d love to hear from you. 

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