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Driving is meant to be fun and safe. You will find drivers with the most annoying driving habits that might land them problems.

Therefore If you want to remain safe on the road, you should always reflect on the basics of traffic safety, no matter how skilled you are. Road safety is something you should always keep in mind because any violation of traffic rules is illegal.

When seated behind the wheel, it is your responsibility to do your part and keep the road safe for everyone.

Roads, like any other public place, can expose you to objectionable behavior from fellow drivers. Bad driving habits can be dangerous and will not only earn you a traffic ticket but may cost you your life and that of the others. 

Knowing this, here are annoying driving habits that can put you into trouble with the law while driving:

1. Tailgating

When you follow the car in front too closely, it means you aren’t paying close attention to the traffic around you. The driver in front of you will be annoyed that you won’t stay off your bumper while the one behind you will get furious since they won’t go any faster.

You should keep a reasonably safe distance from the other cars according to traffic law. Tailgating is an aggressive habit, and a key cause of car crashes on the roads.

Remember, tailgating can also distract the driver in front or blind them when you put your headlights on. This will put pressure on them to drive fast and cause road rage. You should brush up your driving etiquette at Pierre Paul Driving School in case you forgot the rules since your driver’s ed.

2. Bad Merging

Zip merging is recommended by the Highway Code and is supposed to simple, sensible, and safe. If done right, and when all the cars are fully autonomous, it can help keep the flow of slow traffic.

When you start pushing in and blocking the zip mergers, you are not helping at all. Always be patient and give way to the driver in front to allow the traffic to move. Racing in front of cars getting on the freeway is wrong and can get you a ticket.

If you are a type of merging driver trying to join the traffic late or using the wrong speed, you should stop this habit.

3. Driving Too Fast

Driving too fast is a rude and dangerous habit that puts you and other drivers in danger of an accident. You’ll also not be spared from a speeding ticket. A high speed, whether on a highway or when trying to overtake, makes a potential crash inevitable.

It’ll take you longer to slow down or stop, and it might just be too late to prevent a collision. It costs you nothing to abide by the speeding limit rule.

4. Blocking the Left Lane

The sign that says you keep right unless passing means that you shouldn’t block the left lane. This lane is reserved for vehicles passing through and other emergency vehicles. Keep right at all times to allow other drivers to get around you.

Unless you’re at the roundabout, you have no reason to veer left when you’re turning right. If you do this, your vehicle will be a sideswiping hazard for the other driver in the adjacent lane. This is rude, annoying, and dangerous.

5. Putting High Beams in Full Blast

While high beams allow you to see the road better at night or during bad weather, they can blind drivers from oncoming traffic not to see ahead. Driving schools teach students to always drive with the headlights on, but they can only use high beams when legal. Headlamps can be adjusted slightly down to avoid distracting an oncoming driver.

6. Not Using the Indicator

Whether in heavy traffic or not, it’s vital to use your turn signal. Failing to do this is quite annoying and dangerous for pedestrians and other motorists. You can be pulled over too.

 Make the road safer for all involved by letting them know that you’re turning or changing lanes; that’s why your car has the indicator.

7. Getting Distracted While Driving

Are you the kind of driver that eats food, talks on the phone, or listens to loud music while driving? Getting distracted while driving is not only rude but also dangerous. Taking your attention away from the road to text or read a message, or reply to an email is a risk you don’t want to take.

Distracted driving is the most known causal factor for fatal road accidents. Always be aware of your surroundings when you are behind the wheel. It’ll keep everyone safe, including yourself.

How to Improve Your Driving Habits

As a frequent driver, you must have witnessed some aggressive driving behaviors, or maybe you’ve exhibited such habits yourself. But do you know that observing good driving habits can help you minimize your vehicle maintenance costs and save you money?

At Pierre Paul Driving School, we teach you how to observe safe driving practices while keeping up with traffic laws.

Here are a few ways to help you improve your driving habits;

Exercise Steady Driving Control

While behind the wheel, you should make sure you have full control of your vehicle. By applying light pressure on your brakes and gas, you’ll control the speed, follow traffic as appropriate, and stay safe even in adverse weather conditions. With steady control, you are bound to have the best experience while driving without any collisions with the law or fellow motorists.

Avoid Distractions

Put aside anything that will distract you from the road, such as your cell phone. If you need to eat, park the car at a safe place, eat your food and continue with your journey. Stop fiddling with the vehicle’s controls and concentrate on driving. This is the only way you’ll keep your eyes on the road.

Be Proactive

Always stay alert while driving, you never know what the other motorists may do. They may forget to switch on their indicator, overtake, or block your left lane just about when you want to get around. Remember, you are the one in control of your driving.

Stay aware of your surroundings at all times in order to anticipate what other drivers are doing and prepare for any potential emergency situation. Try to be proactive and avoid any situations that may cause collisions.


Bad driving habits can be avoided if you keep improving your driving skills. Practicing defensive driving is vital to preventing traffic accidents and keeping the roads safe. At Pierre Paul Driving School, we will help you to be a proactive driver who is conscious of their own safety and that of other motorists. Contact our office to enroll in our refresher or new driver courses.