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Driving requires you to be alert all the time because an emergency can crop up when you least expect it. By nature, the times for most emergencies are not easy to foresee. They can catch you off-guard. To minimize the impact of these unexpected occurrences, you need to master driving emergencies and how to deal with them when an emergency happens while you are driving.

It is a fact of life that you cannot always prevent all these emergencies. What you can do is prepare to deal with them should they occur. Hence, the following are ways to deal with different driving emergencies.

1. A Tire Bursts

A bursting tire can startle you so much that you can even forget you are on the wheel, especially if you are a new driver fresh from a driving school. That is why it is crucial you learn how to react should a tire burst when you are on the road.

What should you immediately do if a tire burst while you are driving?

2. Steering Wheel Failure

But what if another day, the emergency you have to deal with is a steering wheel that is suddenly unable to control your car? Again, you have to start by remaining calm, even if the situation is alarming. Remember that the success of the steps you take in the next seconds or milliseconds depends mostly on your calmness.

3. Stuck Accelerator

What if the accelerator gets stuck while you are driving? You should calmly carry out the following precautionary measures:

4. Overheating Engine

You should always take the time to read your temperature to check if all is well with your car engine. This is why you should always be alert while driving. Distractions like making calls can take your attention from seemingly minor details about your car, but whose repercussions can be tragic.

Pulling a trailer, climbing a steep road, or now-red-now-green traffic can cause the car engine to overheat. So what should you do when the car engine overheats?

5. Headlights Failure

Should your headlights suddenly malfunction for whatever reason, you should follow these easy steps:

6. Brakes Failure

We have already discussed elsewhere what you should or shouldn’t do when the breaks fail. The moment you realize the brakes are not responding, stay calm, and take these steps:

7. Driving Through a Wildlife Area

It would be best if you were extra careful when driving through some wooded area where wildlife animals can cross the road at any time. The best way to avoid hitting one is to expect them at any time as you drive. The thought that a deer would jump from nowhere onto your front should keep you alert.

We mention deer because it is the notorious animal, though you can also knock a bear or a moose. How to avoid knocking deer or other wildlife while driving?


As this post has shown, there is more to driving than just passing the driving test. During the test, they will likely not burst your tire or put a deer on your path to evaluate your preparedness for such emergency scenarios. But you still need these skills for your safety in your driving career.