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Driving in the parking space requires a lot of concentration. Remember, this is where you share space with pedestrians. But if are new driver, there are parking lot safety tips that you need to familiarize yourself with. Let’s find out

Although there are not many driving rules to observe here, you need to slow down to avoid colliding with other cars or hitting pedestrians.

Having gone through great driving lessons, I am sure you won’t have trouble in the parking area after learning these tips.

Keep reading to get familiar with some of the tips for new drivers in the parking lot.

Let’s dive in.

1. Ample Lighting

When choosing a parking space, ensure it has ample lighting.  Lighting is crucial, especially at night. 

The parking should be close to where you are going. When at the shopping malls, the closer your car is to the building, the better because the area is more populated and has better lighting for your car safety.

Criminal activities are minimal in well-lit parking; here, you can walk safely to our car and out of the car.

A well-lit parking space will minimize accidents, especially at night; as a new driver, you can vividly see pedestrians and other cars. 

Parking between large trucks may encourage crimes;  since the lighting may not get there, criminals hide near the trucks ready to attack.

2. Avoid Distractions

Numerous accidents happen at the parking space, probably more than you may think. The parking becomes riskier during holidays and results in multiple deaths and injuries.

Black Friday is a day that can be risky; insurers have reported cases of accidents increase during this day. 

Not all cases are reported meaning the numbers could be higher. If you can avoid the parking on this day, the better.

Despite the banning of cell phones while driving, there has been a rise in the number of accidents caused by phones while driving in the parking space. 

Research done shows 66% of drivers use mobile phones in parking lots.

Most drivers are caught in between checking their GPS systems, making calls, receiving and replying to text messages, and checking the new updates on social media.

Some people want to take photos and share them with their friends to show them their new destination, and while focusing on the camera, they collide with other cars or hit pedestrians..

3. Drive Cautiously

A parking lot has both vehicles and pedestrians; as a new driver, cautious driving should be in your mind. 

Cautious driving will help you avoid accidents in the parking space. And in bad weather, your speed needs to be very low.

Although most cars have embraced the new technology of installing backup cameras, don’t rely too much on them sometimes, the camera may be blurred and prevent you from seeing clearly. 

Your mirrors will be helpful as a backup.

When in parking garages, be on the look; the place is dark, and it’s hard to see pedestrians. It won’t hurt to be extra cautious.

After you have finished your business and you want to drive away from the parking space, go round the car to ensure no hazardous objects near your car.

4. Keep Alert

Having taken your driving lessons guided by our instructors, I am sure you are familiar with the parking laws and the need to keep alert.

Keep in mind that the lines in the parking are drawn for a reason, and you need to observe them and keep your lanes.

Your headphones are not necessary at this point. They are even dangerous and prevent you from hearing any alert from another driver or even a pedestrian on your way.

Remember you are sharing the parking lot with pedestrians; keep alert since a pedestrian can emerge from any side and you can hit them.

While stretching your head in search of a parking space, you may not see a pedestrian, and you could cause an accident.

Parking lots tend to be scenes for criminal activities; you need to notify the authorities whenever you notice suspicious activity.

When moving in or out of the car, remember to lock your door. However, it would help to be extra careful while opening and closing your door to avoid scratching the car next to you.

5. Check the Labels

Sometimes you are in a hurry to take the empty parking lot until you forget to check its labels.

Some parking lots are reserved for certain people; I am sure you wouldn’t want the embarrassment of being removed from a parking space. Right?

The restrictions are on the front space of the parking area; make sure you check them.

Areas with a wheelchair logo are restricted for people with the accessible parking placard, and it’s no brainer that you should avoid the area.

6. Leave your Vehicle Secure

Never think of rushing to the store for even seconds without locking your car. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there has been a rise in car theft that needs prevention.

Theft cases happen mainly during the summer season. You need to lock your car before leaving the parking space and carry your keys to minimize theft cases.

Theft in vehicles is not news; people have left their valuables in the car and come back and find them missing. 

There is a need to remove your valuables from the site of criminals. Otherwise, this leaves them figuring out how to reach them, and they can break your windows.

Besides keeping your valuables such as laptops and purses in a safer place, ensure that all the windows are closed.

Ensure that our car has an anti-theft system for easier recovery in case of theft.

Beware of strangers approaching you, who knows if they are criminals who want to rob you. Have your cell phone ready if you need to call 911.

Locating a safe and affordable parking space may save you from theft cases.

Final Word

Parking spaces can be crazy busy and can stress everyone. Getting angry and confronting other drivers doesn’t make the situation any better. You need to pay attention to avoid unnecessary blunders, be a little patient with pedestrians and your fellow drivers, and with all the parking lot safety tips from our driving lessons  . I am sure you will get out of the parking lot safely.