5 Hours Class


Are you there wondering, “where can I find 5 hour classes near me?”

Well, that’s one of the services we offer at our equipped driving school with experienced and knowledgeable instructors determined to make you the best driver on New York roads.

Start your DMV certified 5 hour pre-licensing course and be the most savvy and responsible driver in New York.

Completing this 5 hour class for driving will earn you the MV-278 certificate that you’ll require to schedule a road test in.

What is the 5 Hour Pre-licensing Course?

The pre-licensing course, aka, the 5 hour class, is DMV-approved classroom course, which equips new drivers with the right information so they can drive safely on the busy New York roads.

As a new driver, you’ll need to complete the 5 hour defensive driving course before scheduling your driving test for a driver license.

For most students, this five hour driving class in NYC is the only formal opportunity they’ve to master the basic road rules, defensive driving skills, safe driving principles, and other crucial tips related to driving.

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What Exactly Does the 5 Hours Class Near Me Cover?

Our 5 hour class for drivers covers important topics, such as:

  • Driver skills and habits
  • Driving on the highway system of transport
  • Attitudes, feelings and risk taking during driving
  • How alcohol and other drugs can affect driving
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • The DMV point system
  • The laws of physics associated with driving and the impact of restraining devices
  • What to do if there’s a collision

Why Take a 5 Hour Drivers Class at Pierre Paul Driving School?

  • We have at least 13 years of experience in the industry with thousands of happy customers
  • We have knowledgeable, experienced, and patient instructors who’ve the ability to handle different types of students
  • We’re licensed by the NYS department of motor vehicles.
  • Only DMV certified instructors teach our 5 hour driving class in NYC.
  • We provide daily schedules to our students except on Sundays
  • We’ve a modern classroom in a convenient location
  • Our classrooms have adequate seating facilities to accommodate the maximum number of students taking the 5 hour drivers class in New York.
  • Our classrooms run multiple times per week.
  • Our five hour driving class in Brooklyn incorporates a preview of the road test (you won’t find this elsewhere!)
  • Our classrooms have adequate flipcharts and chalkboards that are visible from all seating positions to help you get the most from our 5 hour driving class.
  • Our classes have adequate lighting and ventilation, and are free from any audible or visible distractions.
  • We’ve all the necessary equipment for making powerful and effective presentations as required by the NY State Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.
  • We offer a 48-hour cancellation period.
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How Long is the 5 Hour Course Good for?

The 5 hour pre-licensing course certificate is valid for one year from the time of issuance. If it expires, you’ll need to complete the 5 hours driving class again to get the required certificate and schedule your road test.

What are the Requirements For The 5 Hour Class for Driving?

As from April 21, 2018, in accordance to the NY State Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, here are the requirements for the 5 hour class:

  • Students should present an original photo learner permit to the instructor who is to offer the 5 hour driving class.
  • The original photo learner permit is the only identification that’s acceptable.
  • The instructor should examine all photo learner permits before the 5 hour class starts, and when issuing the completion certificate, any suspicious or altered permit may be reported to a nearby DMV office.
  • Those taking a pre-licensing course need to present their current NY photo learner permit. The alternative is a valid interim permit along with a New York State government-issued ID card (examples being an expired New York photo permit, non-driver ID card, or expired NY photo license). The documentation must be presented to the instructor for the 5 hours driving class. Please check out page 143 of the updated pre-licensing course manual on the NY DMV website.
  • Come with glasses if you do wear them, as some of the lessons will include videos.
Click here to access the 2020 DMV permit test questions and answers.

Do I need to Take the 5 Hour Drivers Class Online?

Absolutely! Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the New York governor, Andrew M. Cuomo, announced that DMV-accredited driving schools can now offer the pre-licensing course online through apps, such as Zoom, Go To Meeting, Skype, and WebEx. This is effective July 29, 2020. The New York Department of Motor Vehicles issued guidelines on how remote 5 hour classes can be conducted.

Requirements for the 5 Hours Class Online

Students must:

  • Book and reserve a spot in advance. Check our scheduling calendar below this page to book your 5 hours class.
  • Pay for the class (this step is within the scheduling process)
  • Have a valid email where we’ll send you an invitation and login ID.
  • Be able to take 5 hour classes in a serene environment without any distractions.
  • Email us a copy of your permit once you receive the email invitation.
  • Be ready to complete the 5 hours of the class from start to end on the day and selected in our scheduling app.
  • Have a computer, smartphone or tablet with a functioning microphone and camera.

For more details on how to book the class online, scroll down to the end of this page and check our booking up for more info.

Is the 5 Hour Course Mandatory in NY?

The New York State requires all new drivers below 18 years to complete an approved five hour class for driving.

The standardized course curriculum will provide you with all the relevant information regarding New York driving laws as well as safe driving habits that you need to know to be a terrific driver. So, yeah, this course is mandatory before you schedule a road test.

Is the 5 Hour Course the Same as Defensive Driving?

Nope. Defensive driving aka Point and Insurance Reduction Program, is a 6-hour course whose purpose is to help reduce car insurance premiums and points from your driving record at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

How Much is a 5 Hour Class?

Wondering where to find an affordable but thorough 5 hour class in Brooklyn, NY? The cost of our NY 5 hour pre-licensing course is $50. The slots are filling so fast. Schedule a class now before it gets too late.

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