How to Get the Most out of 5 Hour Classes in Brooklyn

January 25, 2020

The Department of Motor Vehicles in NYC requires new drivers to take 5 hour classes in New York to upgrade their driving knowledge.

The aim of this course is to not only qualify you for the driver’s license, but also to prevent motor vehicle accidents, lower the severity of crash-related injuries, and save lives.

In other words, the 5 hour pre-licensing course equips you with skills and knowledge to guarantee safety as you drive. But despite the significance of this course, you might still pursue it and fail to receive the MV-278 certificate or worse, not pass the road test.

So, here are a couple of things to keep in mind while attending the 5 hour classes so you can get the most out it.

Choose the Driving School Carefully

Many driving schools in Brooklyn claim to offer 5 hour classes for drivers, but is your preferred choice DMV-approved? Remember the pre-licensing course is a requirement by the DMV and only approved instructors may offer it.

So, it’s important that you confirm this before starting the course. If in doubt, you can always call the DMV New York office to find out whether a specific college, high school, or commercial driving school is approved to offer the course.

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Be Present for the Entire Course Period

Of course, this course takes only five hours, but you have to be present for this entire period.

Like in any other meeting or class, distractions can arise when attending your 5 hour classes in Brooklyn. Thus, to ensure you don’t miss a thing, purpose to attend all the classes through the end so you can get the completion certificate MV-278.

To improve your attention during the 5 hour pre-licensing class, and thus stick through the end:

  • Put away your phone. You may want to turn it entirely off or switch it to flight mode. Either way, you want to avoid distractions, such as a call from your boss or friend that might force you to walk out and miss several minutes of the class.
  • Come with a notebook and pen. I know this sounds like a brainer, but you’ll be surprised at the number of people who come for the 5 hour classes without somewhere to write. Be prepared to jot down important points that you may refer to later on.
  • Participate. During this class, there’s a lot to learn within a short time so you need to be attentive. If the instructor mentions something you don’t understand, be sure to ask for clarification

Come Early For the 5 Hour Classes

Arriving before the starting time is vital, as you may be required to pay the course fees before the class starts. And remember, you are not the only one attending; several other people will attend and that could mean queuing to pay for fees and present the learner permit.

You don’t want to join the rest later when the class is already in progress because you came late. In some institutions, you may not be allowed to take the class if you come late and rescheduling should be done one to two days in advance. So, to avoid such inconveniences, go at least 15 minutes to time.

To avoid lateness:

  • Choose a school nearest to you: Ask yourself, what are some of the 5 hour driving classes near me? Once you find the best provider, book the class and be sure to show up before the class starts.
  • Check the course schedule of your preferred school: Most driving schools have a weekly schedule showing the day and time when they offer the 5 hour classes in Brooklyn. Check their website for the class schedule and choose a time that suits your availability. You can also call them to inquire about the appropriate time and how to book.

Don’t Forget the Learner Permit

A learner permit is a mandatory requirement for the five-hour pre-licensing course so you should come along with it. To get this permit, you’ll need to visit the DMV offices and take a written permit test.

Practice after the Class

Sure, the five-hour pre-licensing course is a gateway to your driving license, but you need to take practical driving lessons as well so you can get ready for the driving test.

Particularly, if you are a teen, you need to undergo supervised practice driving for 50 hours minimum. And you should spend at least 15 of these hours to drive after sunset and at least 10 hours to drive in traffic.

For those above 18, the above practice hours are not mandatory, but you need to practice nevertheless. Without adequate practice, you may not pass the road test, which is the last step to getting a New York driver’s license.

After completing the 5 hour class, you get the MV-278 certificate, which you’ll need to schedule a road test in New York.

Are There 5 Hour Driving Classes Near Me?

As earlier mentioned, you can take the 5 hour classes in a high school, college, or commercial driving school. But for the most part, most parents prefer to take their teens to some of the best driving schools in Brooklyn to take this course.

If you are looking for the best driving school in Brooklyn for your child or yourself, just search for “5 hour driving classes near me” and you will find some good suggestions. But before settling on one, ensure you check out their customer reviews first.

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Often, after completing the course, you will want to practice driving and acquire good skills to help you pass the road test in a Brooklyn location. But not all instructors can combine these three aspects for you.

Here’s the solution for that:

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