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Hitting the road as a new driver can be challenging if you do not know how to relate with your fellow pedestrians appropriately. Most new drivers end up freaking out on the road putting their lives and other pedestrians in jeopardy. So that is why you need to master pedestrian safety tips to avoid unnecessary accidents.

As a new driver, you are responsible for practicing safe driving habits to keep you and your fellow pedestrians safe. Moreover, respecting every type of pedestrian on the road is mandatory and will enable you to treat them equally.

Getting to know the pedestrian safety tips is a massive stride towards becoming a good driver. You will not only become an average driver but a unique one since most drivers do not relate well with other pedestrians.

Knowing the following tips will have a considerable impact on your driving skills. Let’s get started.

Accident Statistical Analysis

Just before we delve into the pedestrian safety tips, let’s first have a glimpse of the statistical data collected on the roads by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

According to the data collected by NHTSA;

·          Drunk drivers cause 49% of road accidents.

·         70% of the pedestrians killed are male.

·         In every two hours, a pedestrian is killed, and in every seven minutes, a pedestrian is injured – on average.

·         75% of the pedestrian fatalities occur in the dark.

Let’s get to know the pedestrian safety tips in-depth with that in mind.

Tips for New Drivers on Sharing the Road with Pedestrians

1. Do not drink and drive

Using drugs and alcohol before driving puts everyone’s life at risk, including pedestrians. Alcohol impairs your decision-making abilities on the road; therefore, you will not be able to make a sensible judgment on the road.

You will find it hard to approximate a pedestrian’s distance, making it difficult to avoid an accident.

Completing the 5-hour pre-licensing course online will increase your understanding of the relationship between drinking and driving.

2. Adhere to speed limits

As a new driver, observing road signs while driving is crucial to becoming a successful driver. Why? Every road type has a specific sign indicating the speed level you should maintain. Going above the speed level endangers other pedestrians.

3. Give way to pedestrians

Once you approach pedestrian crosswalk signals, it is wise to give way only if there is a pedestrian. Speeding in NYC crosswalk areas is deadly as you can easily knock down one of the pedestrians hence it is wise to slow down to give way.

4. Always be alert

While driving, always ensure you are on the lookout for pedestrians. Whether reversing, turning, or moving forward, keep your brain and eyes on the road to escape avoidable accidents.

5. Always buckle up


pedestrian safety tips

Anytime you get behind the wheel, make it a norm to be wearing a seatbelt. Seatbelts are lifesavers in accident situations as they will prevent you from succumbing to the accident’s impact, keeping you intact in the car.

6. Be patient on the road 

Impatient drivers are notorious for causing accidents on the roads. Whether you are late for work or an appointment, you and the pedestrian’s safety should come first. 

Rushing will only bring you trouble. It would be better to get up earlier and proceed without rushing to reach your destination in time.

7. Keep distractions away 

Daily, nine Americans are killed by distracted drivers. Distractions make you technically absent on the road and may lead to an accident once you come across a pedestrian. 

Operating your phone while driving takes your eyes and concentration off the road.

8. Normalize using turn signals 

If you plan to change lanes on highways or make a turn, you should always use turn signals. Turn signals inform other pedestrians on highways of your decision to turn; hence they may reduce speed or give you the way.

9. Obey traffic signals 

Traffic lights control the movement of pedestrians and other motorists on the road. It helps avoid confusion on the roads whereby pedestrians cross haphazardly, endangering their lives and other motorists’ lives. 

Follow them, to avoid accidents, and all will go well with you on the road.

10. Have a pedestrian-responsible attitude


pedestrian safety tips

Responsibility on the road starts with you. Apart from the pedestrians, you as a driver should ensure you do what it takes to avoid accidents. Be responsible enough to analyze pedestrians’ movement on the road and make better decisions.

11. Always be on the lookout for children 

When near a pedestrian safety for kids crossing sign, always ensure you move at a slow, manageable speed. This is because kids may be playing around the road without you noticing; they may run across. 

If your speed is manageable, you will take control of the situation, and you shall have saved their lives.

12. Do not assume 

Never ignore other pedestrians on the road as you do not know their intention. Assuming other pedestrians will do as you think is total ignorance. It is better to analyze the situation as a driver and make a correct judgment.

13. Beware of parked vehicles 

Moreover, Some pedestrians may walk by parked cars unexpectedly, or others may open doors suddenly. The best is to drive by slowly to manage your speed in case scenes happen.

14. Adjust to weather patterns appropriately 

During cold weather conditions such as snow and fog, it is advisable to use headlights to enhance visibility on the road. This will make your car easily noticeable to the pedestrians, and you will also see them without struggling.

15. Plan your trip 

Before traveling, familiarize yourself with the route you should follow to avoid confusing pedestrians and motorists on the road.

16. Share the road 

You should also keep in mind that pedestrians are using the road. Be kind enough to give them way where possible. Respect pathways used by pedestrians and do all you can to keep off.

17. Be careful while reversing 

Pedestrian safety in parking lots is mandatory; therefore, always look before backing up to avoid accidents.

18.  Be extra cautious at night

pedestrian safety tips

Some pedestrians may find it hard to observe vehicles passing at night, but it is up to you to use headlights appropriately to notice them.

19. Take care when opening the door 

Moreover, pedestrians might be passing by your car, and you will end up hitting them if you are not careful, so look around the car before opening the door.

20. Maintain your vehicle 

Ensure all navigation and brake lights are working to see and communicate appropriately with other pedestrians.

Final Word

A pedestrian is equally essential as a driver on the road, so pay them the maximum respect they deserve.

The tips above can make you a skilled driver in no time. Also, don’t forget to enroll at Pierre Paul Driving School for refresher courses to take your skills to greater heights.