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When it comes to driving, no one is perfect; even highly trained instructors can make mistakes. But there are several things to avoid when driving for you to have a comfortable drive.

Remind yourself of some of the rules you need to follow on the road. Some are not even rules; they are just easy-to-follow instructions.

By following traffic rules, we will curb traffic-related fatalities, and reach our destinations safely.

Read on to find out some things to avoid when driving. 

1. Driving Barefoot 

Things to avoid when driving

You may think driving without your shoes on is a good idea, but you got it wrong. Many risks come along.

For example, when you are required to press the pedals suddenly, you may find your feet unable to apply the pressure, messing up with the braking system. 

In case of an emergency, you will be required to run out of the car where you risk injuring your feet. It’s time-wasting to start wearing your shoes upon reaching your destination.

It’s also good to make sure you have comfortable shoes while driving.

2. Driving Under Influence

Driving under influence has been one of the common reasons for accidents. Most traffic-related deaths are a result of drinking and driving. If you want to reach your destination safely, don’t drink and drive.

The government has put strict laws  regarding driving under influence, and I am sure nobody wants to mess with the law. You may earn a sentence or a huge fine when you are caught driving under influence (DUI).

You may think that you are good at driving when high, but it may prove you wrong, and the next minute you wake up on a hospital bed. 

If you must drink, make sure you get yourself a sober driver.

3. Speeding 

speeding is another major cause of traffic fatalities. Exceeding speed limits is something most drivers find themselves doing. When you surpass the average speed, the chances of crashing are very high since it will be challenging to slow down once you notice danger.

Maintaining an average speed brings things under your control. Keep up with the legal speed limits always.

4. Texting While Driving

Things to avoid when driving

Your phone is one of the things to avoid when driving as it may cause distraction. You may be tempted to reply to a popped text message or answer that call. 

Not to talk about your social media pages, I am sure you don’t want to land in an accident while checking a post on your favorite Instagram page, right? You may get into a deep conversation until you forget that you are on the road.

If the incoming call is urgent, then opt to use a hand less way( earphones will do). This way, your hands are free, and you can control the steering wheel in case of an emergency. 

Some calls can wait till you get to the parking area.

5. Too Loud Music

If you love music and like it when the volume is high, you have to make sacrifices here. 

Loud music is not advisable during driving; what if an ambulance passes by and needs you to make way? Or if someone is trying to give you a signal by hooting, chances are you won’t hear them. 

Being carried away by music may land you into collisions. 

6. Taking Meals 

Once you start eating, you are distracted, you will always want to look at your burger while eating it, and your eyes will be off the road. 

What could be worse than causing an accident while trying to bite a burger? 

While one hand is engaged with eating and the other one is trying to control the steering wheel, your ability to give a quick response to any emerging condition is impaired.

You can always fix your meals before or after driving. If you are hungry on the way, park your car in a safe place and enjoy your food this way, you are safe.

7. Applying Makeup

If it is a must to apply makeup in your car, then do so before driving. You need to start your day earlier, and you will have time for it; otherwise, you may cause an accident while trying to do your mascara when driving. 

Keeping your makeup in the car may mess you up in case of spillage. This distraction happens to most ladies, especially if they run late for their schedules, which is not a good idea.

8. Adjusting Mirrors

Side mirrors and rearview mirrors in your car are designed to give you better visibility of the road. It is good to make sure they are adjusted to the correct position. 

Most drivers make the mistake of forgetting to adjust the mirrors before they start driving. They try adjusting them while driving, and this causes a shift of attention from the road. 

Adjusted mirrors help minimize cases of side-to-side collision and reduce blind spots. With this, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will record fewer cases of side-to-side collisions.

9. Dressing or Undressing 

This is another blatant example of things to avoid when driving. Most people who change their clothes in the car are mostly rushing and don’t have enough time to do it at home. 

You can’t change clothes and at the same time concentrate on the road. While wearing your shirt or pants, you will let go of the steering wheels leading to collisions.

10. Smoking

Things to avoid when driving

Smoking has well-known health effects; however, if you decide to smoke, doing it in your car is the last thing you can think of. 

When burning a cigarette in the car, the air becomes more hazardous, especially to children. Remember, the car is operated with gas which can react with the ignition of a cigarette, and a car explosion won’t be a surprise.

Other people who use your care are exposed to secondhand smoking.

Wrap Up

Before getting to the road, remember that your life matters. You need to take care of yourself.

At Pierre Paul Driving School, we offer defensive driving lessons. Our instructors will tell you about the dos and don’t s while on the road.