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We all put away our light clothes when winter approaches and start dressing up warmly. You also need to prepare your car for winter and ensure they are safe from the snow and breakdowns caused by the snowing weather.

If your car requires servicing, don’t ignore that, the cost is relatively cheaper than the amount used in case of a car failure.

Check out the following ways that will significantly help you prepare your car for the winter season.

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1. Check Your Battery

prepare your car for winter

Regularly checking your car battery will save you the trouble of it stopping to work during winter.

Car batteries are made with a short life, and regardless of how strong it is, they will be exhausted one day.

The good thing is there is a computerized system used to check the battery’s life.

The computerized system checks the conductance and the internal resistance alongside testing the voltage.

Purchase a good battery tester that will work for both the absorbed glass mat and lead-acid batteries. It will allow you to use the tester with your garden equipment and even the motorcycle.

2. Clean the Battery Terminals

Battery terminals undergo corrosion, which can prevent proper recharging of your battery, especially during cold weather.

When cleaning the terminals, start disconnecting the negative terminal followed by the positive one.

Use a wire brush and a battery cleaning to clean the terminal posts. A paper towel will easily clean the grease and acid residues.

Once done with the cleaning, install the positive wire followed by the negative one.

3. Keep your Window Tracks Lubricated

During winter, the freezing water runs into the window tracks and causes damage while you open the window.

The water can destroy the window regulators, and you will be required to dig deeper, not your pockets, to repair them.

To avoid these problems, keep the tracks lubricated using dry Teflon spray or the spray silicone.

You need to apply enough lube to drip into the tracks and if you are using the spray, spray starting with the front and back of the window.

Close and open the window severally to ensure that the lube spreads well into the track.

4. Lubricate the Door Locks

If you use keyless entry into your car, you will likely forget about the locks. If you fail to lubricate the lock cylinders, corrosion will occur, and you may be unable to use your key.

The cold season triggers the corrosion, and if the lock fails to work, you will require locksmith services.

It’s easy to lubricate the locks using the graphite lock lubricant in the right amounts.

The spray lube also works well; in this case, all you need is to shake the spray properly for even distribution of Teflon and spray the lock cylinder. Teflon will cover the lube for smooth moving.

5. Purchase Winter Tires

It’s time you consider purchasing a winter wheel for your car to help you maneuver through the snow with higher traction, which can help curb accidents.

It has an incredible ability to reduce your stopping distance up to almost 30ft. Talking about the wheels helps you get started at 33 percent faster from a stop sign.

The amount you need to purchase the wheels depends on the type of car and the wheels it needs. Prices range from $600 or more for the four wheels.

Getting the wheels swapped on the existing ones will require you to pay all the amounts needed. As much as a lot of money is used for the quality, the benefits are worth the money.

6. Use the Winter Wiper Blades

Winter blade wipers are installed in your car for a reason. Unlike the regular wipers, they do not have a streak on the blade and can wipe large swaths of ice stuck on the windshield.

The blade is well enclosed using a rubber that prevents snow and ice from sticking. With a clear windshield, there is safe driving during winter.

Remove and keep your standard wipers in a safe place for use in the following spring season.

Additionally, remember to clean your car headlights for better lighting, and safe winter driving

7. Have Your Winter Survival Kit

prepare your car for winter

As winter approaches, start assembling all your tools that will make your winter driving easier and safer throughout the season.

Check your kit, ensure that all the necessities are packed, and put it in the car if you need to handle an emergency.

Suppose you live in the rural areas, that gives you more reasons you need a survival kit. A breakdown in such an area can cost your life.

An LED flashlight with new batteries is crucial during winter; keep it in your car. It’s significant for visibility to fix your car under the hood.

Here are some of the other essential items you need in your survival kit:

8. Check the Coolant

The coolant plays an essential role in protecting your engine from freezing or excessive heating. It also contains an anti-corrosion substance that helps keep it in shape.

You can check the ability of your coolant to protect the engine from freezing by using an affordable tester.

After testing the coolant, it’s not enough to think that because it tests okay for freeze protection, it does not need an additive for more protection.

If the meter reads 4 volts, it means the coolant is still in good condition; a reading higher than that shows that the additive is exhausted.

9. Change the Floor Mats

Car floors are easily damaged by snow; to protect them, consider changing your floor mats into warm ones that will prevent the snow from getting on the floor.

Remember to clean the floor mats to avoid frosting in the car after some time.

10. Take the Defensive Driving Course

While winter approaches, it’s wise to consider taking a defensive driving course. It will boost your driving skills and keep you safe on the road.

Final Word

Consider the above ways of how to prepare your car for winter, and you will have less or no trouble on the road. If you are a new driver and still nervous about driving during winter, take someone to accompany you. If you had taken a break from driving, consider taking a refresher course as well as a defensive driving course,

We have the best instructors to take you through your defensive driving class at Pierre Paul driving school, giving excellent results.