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Pierre Paul Driving School is Brooklyn, New York’s #1 bus, truck and CDL driving school. With 13 years of experience helping teens, adults, and professional drivers in New York City, our school trains drivers of all experience levels to be safer behind the wheel. Payment installment plans available for all lessons!

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Starting out in the trucking industry can be a challenge for new drivers. What most new truck drivers do not understand is that experience is where the money is. Just like with any other job, entry level positions do pay considerably less.

Going through a truck driving school that offers a CDL certification is your best bet. It’s the best way to increase job stability and prove to employers that you’re worth hiring.

The CDL training course at Pierre Paul Driving School will help you be on the road to a better career with above and beyond training needed to pass the CDL test. Our drivers training course meet the industry and Federal Highway Administration (FHA) guidelines required. With the high demand for CDL driving in the tristate area, achieving your license can open new career paths and earning potential in a very short time.

Installment payments for classes is available.

Guidelines for CDL

All states require personal information such as:

  • Personal information at least 18 years of age
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Social Security
  • Must be able to pass the D.O.T Driving Test and meet the requirements
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